DIY Headboard: Enhance atmosphere over your bed.


For those who are looking for a new idea for a bedroom makeover as to improve the atmosphere in a bedtime.

This week, Trend Blog is presenting a headboard DIY tips that will reinvent the same old headboard into a brand-new stylish and chic item, which will totally change the feeling of the same room. Let’s get it start.

If you have a leftover old wooden door panel, use it as a replacement for as old headboard. You can install it vertically or horizontally. Mount the door panel to the wall by using a drill and place a vintage pendant lamp or basketwork above it to add a natural touch to a new headboard.

If you like to do craftwork for fun, try this: cut particleboard into small square pieces in the same size, put them together like a mosaic on the wall to cover the width of the bed, then decorate the surface of each piece of wood with old fabric you have kept in a drawer for years. This square grid pattern and prints on fabric will definitely create a unique and stylish headboard for you bedroom.

By attaching random scatter cushions to the wall above a bed, one can simply create a new atmosphere to a bedroom. The secret is to choose cushions those have match colors and patterns.

Another easy way to change a headboard for those who don’t have much time and already own a metal bed frame, you can simply choose a beautiful sheet with the same shade as your bed sheet and tie it to the head frame of the bed. This way, you can change mood and tone in the room in no time.

Use a curtain as a new headboard. By choosing a drape in your favorite color and pattern then hang it on rail above your bed just like a window curtain, you already create a new feeling to you room.

You can also turn palette crates into a stylish headboard and decorate it with your collection of lamps, picture frames or candleholders to perfectly reflect your lifestyle.

Before we end this week DIY techniques for new headboard, we encourage you to use the upcycled concept to create your own chic headboard from stuff you find in your house such as a broken chair or old books. By bringing the leftover back to life, I guarantee that you can easily add a more interesting and warm ambience into your bedroom.

Images courtesy of bhg, decoist and freshome.