Change the Ordinary Bathroom into the Bathroom for Nature Lover Man


Not only the rawness, coolness, and the deep color that are suitable for the bathroom style in the man’s house. After the exhaustion from the work stress all day, bathroom is the place that you can release your feelings freely, take time, and relax with the pleasant atmosphere all around you. Especially for the man who is careless about details, decorating in the natural-based style is very simple and can fill up the relaxation as well as stimulate the aliveness in every morning. But how to decorate the natural-based style with the manliness to suit you? Let’s follow this.

Photo: GRANDIS series And ARCH WOOD series

1. Chose the tiles with the wooden pattern in dark colors

If you want to the coolness to be in harmony with the nature, choose the wooden pattern because the natural wooden color has the collation of both light and dark shade alternatingly. The dark shade wooden pattern gives the classical feelings and shows that it has been used for quite some times. Increase more charming mysterious within the room with the dark color of the cabinet surface cover. Adding the natural touch to the bathroom by from the details of colors, shapes, and materials, as well as choosing the Earth Tone color to feel comfortable and choosing the sanitary wares with the rounded shape for the gentleness. The advantage for using the wooden pattern tiles is it is easy to take care of, no need to worry about molds that might form in the damp area of the bathroom. And, definitely, if you want to rattle the freshness before going to work, turning on the music from the CD player and you are ready to go.

Photo: COUNTRY WOOD series

2. Use the natural materials in the bathroom accessories

For example, adapting the log to be the basin holder instead of using the pedestal or the storage cabinet or using the old ladder as the towel rack. The advantage of using the actual wooden materials for decoration is that it still has the nature odor from its skin so that you can smell the freshness during using the bathroom. But do not forget to set it up in the dry zone, such as the toilet or the basin, to prevent the dampness.

Photo: HIDEAWAY series

3. Install the Rain Shower in the bathing area

Apart from the bathtub that can help you relax while taking a baht, the installation of Rain Shower is one of the important helpers for the relaxation to the maximum, creating the different atmosphere in the bathroom from the general bathroom completely with the new function of Rain Shower, which comes with the 2 functions of the water pattern at the present time. Rainfall Function provides you with the lushness just like showering in the rain and the Waterfall Function with the freshness just like standing under the waterfall. Some series have LED light to adjust the mode according to the room mood during the shower. Very suitable for when we are exhausted from playing sport, just like we have the relaxing massage machine at home.

Photo: CHATREE WOOD series

4. Indoor tree planting to increase the freshness

Having the tiny garden in the bathroom can enhance the freshness. You should choose the plants that can grow in the indoor area. The advantage is the trees can absorb the poison in the air by absorbing the carbon dioxide and release the oxygen, which can help to adjust the poisonous pollution to be fresher by using the truly natural ways and also increase the Green area to increase the breeziness and comfortableness. Having trees in the bathroom while doing the activities, like showering, brushing your teeth, or excreting, can help you feel fresh and have more power. Seeing the cool green color will help you relax and have the clear brain.

Types of tress in the bathroom

  • Is the tree that can survive in the less light place
  • High tolerance to dampness
  • Easy to take care of
  • Not too big growing size because it needs to grow in the narrow space
Like Golden Pothos, Boston Fern, Peace Lily, Albo-Viren, Spanish Moss, or Philodendron, etc.

There are many styles to decorate the trees in the bathroom. For example, arrange in the bathroom balcony with the separating space for tress or arrange in the corner of the room. If the bathroom has the limited space, the vertical gardening or the hanging gardens will help the bathroom to be more natural.

Photo: LEGEND series And HARMONIZE STONE series

5. Less is more, not much decoration. Just choose the tiles in the natural rocks pattern

The alternative for workaholic man, we provide you with the decoration of the natural rocks pattern as the idea to decorate the bathroom for you because it does not need much nourishment and give the natural feeling as much as the wooden pattern, and also suitable for the man who likes the dark shade bathroom. Adding the natural pattern to the materials in the loft style is other alternatives for decorating the bathroom.

Photo: EARTH series

6. Making the skylight roof, opening to the natural light

As to prevent the house from looking too dim, making the skylight roof for the shining light, apart from the brightness, the light and shade that reflect on the materials can help that them to look more outstanding and reduce the time of for the fussy about opening the door or window to clear the dampness of the bathroom. The transparent roof will receive the sunlight into the room directly in the afternoon and the large light gap can make you feel like the opening area, making the house to look airy and wider, opening the visions for the house, and the person inside can receive the outside atmosphere, which means that you will not feel uncomfortable in every shower moment.

And this is the part of the inspiration to design the nature-based bathroom to increase the relaxation for the man who loves the peace and needs the private space to build the small happiness after the exhaustion from working all day. We have more ideas for the bathroom decoration, follow