Sustainable Development

COTTO was the first in the industry which has foreseen the importance of international standard certification in Thailand. We focused in the manufacturing standards, Product quality, Environmental concern, Product export standard and etc. Various products of COTTO must be certified for customer's reliance before release. COTTO received a number of standard guarantees and institution certifications from the following trusted labels;

International Standard

A step into global standard for international competition.

SCG Eco Value

A self-declared environmental labeling of SCG's products and services in accordance with the ISO 14021 standard.

Water Mark

An Industry Standard Certification for sanitary wares and water system related products from Standards Australia Limited, Australia.

Water Efficiency Labeling and Standard (WELS) Scheme

Water Consumption Saver Stars guaranteed by Australian government.


COTTO has been certified by The Bureau of Product Standards from Philippines as Philippine Standard Quality Certification Mark or PS Mark to recognize the quality of product. The Philippine owns Philippine Standard Quality Certification Mark (PS Mark). This award is given to the products which can reach its criteria and continue to conform so.


The presence of Malaysia Standard (MS) Mark on or relation to a product is assurance that the goods have been produced under a system of supervision, control and testing, operated during production, and including periodical inspection of the producer's works in accordance with the certification marking scheme of SIRIM designs to ensure compliance with a Malaysian Standard.


Carbon label is a trademark that mounted on goods and products to acknowledge consumers on the amount of green house gas emission throughout the product's life cycle. The label will help consumers make purchase decisions and encourage operators' production technology modification to be more environmentally friendly. More importantly, such approach also helps increase global market competitive ability for the brand. Currently many countries have actually implemented this Carbon Footprint Label such as the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Switzerland, Japan and Korea.


Our innovative products for sustainable architecture under LEED

LEED is a popular and worldwide-used rating system for evaluating the environmentally-friendliness of buildings or constructions. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED is intended to increase efficiency usage of construction resources, like energy, water, and building materials, which are considered important to every step of a building's life cycle (site selection, design, construction, operations, maintenance, and deconstruction).

To be certified by LEED, a building has to improve its quality and reliability in order to reach a certain score on the rating system. The criteria of the rating system can be divided into 7 main aspects:

Regional Priority

*only available in the U.S.

LEED comprises of 4 levels of certification, depending on total score a construction project has accumulated. The higher level of certification indicates the more efficient and sustainable a building is.

Level of certification

Furthermore, for the uncomplicated certifying process, LEED has also divided the certification into various categories: LEED for Construction and Major Renovations, LEED for Existing Building: Operation and Maintenance, LEED for Commercial Interiors, LEED for Core and Shell, LEED for Neighborhood Development, LEED for Schools, Retail, Healthcare and LEED for Homes.

How SCG Contributes to LEED?

One of many factors contributing to an environmentally-friendly building is definitely environmentally-friendly construction materials and products. As a way to show our care on this and to show our standpoint on cooperation to develop environmentally-friendly building, SCG has joined the membership of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a world-class organization which emphasizes and supports this kind of buildings. SCG also contributes to LEED by helping find significant product information for the best score when considered by the LEED criteria:


Sustainable Site

Sustainable site consists of causing less effect to a building site, helping reduce usage of personal cars, increasing open green area, reducing flood, reducing urban heat island phenomenon, and reducing light pollution. SCG as well places important on SS since many of SCG products help increase green area, reduce flood, and reduce urban heat island phenomenon.


Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency consists of reducing pipe water demand from landscape architectural area, reducing pipe water demand from toilet flushing, and reducing water usage inside a building. Along with WE, SCG products are specially designed for low water consumption yet high-quality functions. As a result, our products can serve this criterion very well.


Energy & Atmosphere

Energy and atmosphere consists of reducing energy usage of a building, encouraging renewable energy usage, organized check of a building's energy usage, low-effect refrigerants, and buying energy from a power plant certified that it produces energy from renewable energy. SCG, as well as LEED, has given priority to energy issue for a very long time. Therefore, SCG products, both building envelop materials and landscape architecture, are developed in order to reduce energy usage and provide pleasant atmosphere for inhabitants at the same time.


Material & Resources

Material and resources consists of preparation of waste segregation area for recycling, reuse of a building or its parts, reducing waste from construction, using recycled materials, using local materials, using substitute materials, and using wood from a certified reforested area. Worthily using natural resources for material production has long been one of SCG's business philosophies. Thus, the support to use local materials, applying knowledge of recycling material into product development, and keeping high-quality of material usage are continuously implemented and developed by SCG. These conform to LEED's MR criterion.

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