29 Do not Miss Tips…for the Clean Bathroom


The small room that fills with details like the bathroom. Each area and each equipment needs to be taken care of differently so we might miss some little spots. Therefore, COTTO has compiled the techniques to keep the bathroom new, changing the boring jobs into the fun, removing stain easily and completely in all areas.

Bathroom Floor

  1. Always use the cloth to mop the floor to almost dry or dry after use or open the bathroom windows for 2-3 hours each day to dry the floor, which can help reduce the smell and prevent the accumulation.
  2. If the groove of the tile grout is blacken, mix the water and the vinegar in the ratio of 1:2 into the spray bottle. Spray and leave it for 15 minutes. Use the damp sponge to wipe again.
  3. Limestone stain on the tiles can be tackled by using the trowel or the flat mouth screwdriver to slowly shovel the limestone stain until it is all gone and wipe with the vinegar or the floor cleaner. If it still sticks, try the Chlorine powder that is used for disinfection and dissolve in the water in the ratio of 1:5. Leave it for 10 minutes. Wash off and try shoveling again.
  4. Bathroom Wall
  5. After using the bathroom, spray the water to clean the wall before the soap stain dries out and becomes the deep stain.
  6. If it is the deep stain or hard to clean, use the vinegar and the water in the ratio of 1:4 and use the cloth to wipe the wall in the soap stain area, wash off with clean water, and wipe with the dry cloth again.
  7. If the white tiles grout has the black spot, use the whitening formula toothpaste and the old toothbrush to scrub.
  8. Mirror Section
  9. Stain from soap, shampoo, shaving foam, toothpaste for brushing the teeth; these products, though it is easy to dissolve in water, if it is too dirty to wipe off with water, use the glass cleaner and the newspaper to scrub.
  10. If the mirror is clouded from the water spray and the grease stain, mix the suds with the vinegar and use the soft cloth to wipe gently, or use the alcohol mixed with water or use the glass cleaner to wipe off the stain.
  11. The shower door that is made of glass or PVC usually has the black spots from the soap stain. This can be fixed by wiping it off with the glass cleaner and always wipe the water stain with the sponge.
  12. Furniture and Shelf in the Bathroom
  13. The storage cabinet usually has foul-smelling and is the favorite place for insects. Regularly open and wipe it with the damp cloth in every corner. Always keep it clean and dry at least once a week.
  14. Wipe the containers at least once a week. Do not let it become the food source and the insect nests, especially with the soap holder, always scrub the soap stain to prevent the accumulation.
  15. The cloth shelf and the towel rack must be cleaned and is used for the washed cloth for use only. Do not leave the cloth to dry in the cloth shelf in the bathroom.
  16. Toilet and Bidet
  17. Just always spray the water every day to wash off the urine stain that might splash, residue, dust, or residue of things that might fall down. Use the cloth to dry and let it dry by itself.
  18. If the toilet has the deep urine stain, flush the toilets simultaneously for 2-3 times. Then, pour the intense laundry detergent into it. Scrub and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash off with water again and the stain will disappear. If it is the deep limestone stain, pour 1-2 glasses of vinegar instead.
  19. The good smell is the part of the clean bathroom. You can prevent or deodorize the bidet smell easily by using the Do It Yourself deodorant spray by mixing a teaspoon of alcohol, 30-40 drops of refreshing aromatherapy, and a little water. Pour it in the spray bottle and spray in the flush toilet after use every time. This can help to have the clean smell.
  20. Basin Bathtub Faucets Shower Rinsing Spray Set Curtain

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