C3011BI MMarshal Sensor Urinal

C3011BI MMarshal Sensor Urinal

Type Wall Hung Urinal
Function Back Inlet
Material Ceramic
Series Marshal
Width 465 millimeter
Height 780 millimeter
Length 355 millimeter
Barcode 8852425506955


  • 1. Small size wall hung urinal gives solution to limited space management.
  • 2. Touchless with infared flush valve sensor preventing bacteria spreading.
  • 3. Saving water only 1.5 liters with water pressure 1 Bar (Save 25% more, when compared with 2 liters)
  • 4. Build in urinal trap. Easier installation
  • 5. Back inlet urinal

Product Tips

  • Should read the installation instructions before use

Care Warning Instruction

  • The lifetime and the durability of tank trim sets can be varied due to different kind of composing materials, therefore a quarterly maintenance and cleaning is recommended in order to prevent the damage of tank trim sets, reduce leakage and also prolong the lifetime of product.

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