With COTTO, happiness at home begins in bathroom!


COTTO brings pleasure by offering 3 beautiful styles showcasing their quality and innovatively designed tiles, sanitary wares and fittings that represent globalbathroom inspiration.

COTTO offers global inspiration from around the world through three styles of beautiful bathrooms. As COTTO believe that pleasure starts at home and one of the most important rooms in everybody’s home is the bathroom. AT COTTO, the perfect combination of sanitary wares, fittings and ceramic tiles that are carefully developed for homeowner’s persona is chosen and suggested to them.

The three bathrooms pleasure presents in COTTO zone are:

ROUGH STONE series...Free your mind, let’s stay wild with Granite, Quartzite, and Slate

CHERISH series…Romantic & peaceful in Scandinavian style

MARMORO series…Simple but luxury with the stone texture.

These are ideal for those who want a stylish bathroom design in which each room will truly reflect different owners’ taste.

In addition, COTTO also introduce its new full range of Sense of Scirocco, the limited collection, with inspiration from the Scirocco wind that brushes past the Mediterranean Sea, the design seamlessly combines simple shapes with gentle curves, resulting in an attractive form from the sunlight flickering on the ocean in four different times of day: Sunrise White for the first light of the day, Sunset Gold for the final light when the sun goes down over the horizon and Midnight Black, when the darkness lays itself on the sea.

Apart from that, COTTO offers The Convenience, toilet seat and cover that suites for very household unit with 3 different modern types and shapes to choose from. They also come with the technology combined into the design such as self-cleaning hygienic with anti-bacteria nozzle and soft-closed toilet seat and cover.

COTTO has received tremendous feedbacks according to their beautiful designed products that match to Vietnamese lifestyle from visitors in Vietbuild HCMC. More experience with its outstanding quality and design of tiles, sanitary ware, and fitting please visit http://www.cotto.com